The 4th International Congress of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

13 - 15 September 2019
Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, ROMANIA

Workshops/Round Tables

I. Pre-Congress Workshops 

Raymond DiGiuseppe: REBT in personality disorders: New REBT innovative treatments (8 hours; also translated in Romanian)

Kristene Doyle: Assessment and treatment of eating disorders: Digesting the facts (8 hours)

Silviu Matu & Daniel David: REBT and technology; Implication for anxious, depressive, and psychotic symptoms (8 hours)

Douglas Mennin and David Fresco: Emotion Regulation Therapy for worry, rumination, and other self-referential processes (8 hours)

Guy Montgomery: REBT+Hypnosis in the Oncological Field (8 hours)


II. In-Congress Workshops

Michler Bishop: Fundamentals of Smart Recovery for substance-related and addictive disorders (4 hours; also translated in Romanian)

Oana David: REBT/CBT-based coaching and rational leadership (4 hours)

Raymond DiGiuseppe: What we know about anger and how it influences treatment or how do we change IBs ad RBs (4 hours)

Windy Dryden: Using REBT in single-session and one-at-a-time therapies (4 hours; also translated in Romanian)

Arthur Freeman: Reaction, counter-action, and resistance in psychotherapy (4 hours)

Michael Hickey: Advancements in science and practice: RE&CBT treatment strategies for anxiety disorders (4 hours)

Ann Vernon: REBT for couples/families: New developments (4 hours; also translated in Romanian)

Ann Vernon: Rational emotive education: Applications for educational settings (also translated in Romanian)


III. Round Tables

REBT and Research - Daniel David/Raymond DiGiuseppe/Steven Jay Lynn/Douglas Mennin/Guy Montgomery. The directors of the affiliated training centers are invited to contribute/participate.

    • Research on assessment of irrational and rational beliefs (IBs/RBs)
    • Research on the relationship between IBs and RBs on psychological functioning
    • Research on the REBT hypothesized mechanisms of change
    • REBT efficacy and effectiveness studies
    • REBT in the general context of psychological/mental health research (from neurogenetics to cross-cultural)
    • Other relevant topics

REBT and Psychological Practice - Daniel David/Raymond DiGiuseppe/Kristene Doyle/Windy Dryden. The directors of the affiliated training centers are invited to contribute/participate.

    • Personalized evidence-based REBT assessment, conceptualisation, therapeutical relationship, and psychological treatments/interventions
    • REBT evidence-based training and supervision
    • International Clinical Guidelines
    • Category vs. Trans-diagnostic approaches
    • Other relevant topics

Meet the Experts - Kristene Doyle and Arthur Freeman (Moderator: Daniel David)

  • Variations of CBTs. It will be a public demonstration, in which the same case will be approached by different versions of CBT, followed by a discussion. Comments will be taken from the audience.
    • Kristene Doyle - REBT
    • Arthur Freeman - Cognitive therapy
Important note!

Each workshop will have a limited number o attendees. Participants will be accepted to the workshops in order of their registration. After the maximum number of registrations for a workshop has been reached, the workshop will be removed from the registration form.

Specific registration for each workshop is mandatory for both pre-congress and in-congress workshops. A certificate of attendence will be offered to the participants of each workshop. Be aware that you can participate to only one pre-congress workshop, as all will take place at the same time, the day before the official opening of the congress. These workshops will take between 6 and 8 hours.

In-congress workshops are divided into four groups. All workshops in each group will take place at the same time and thus you can only register to one of them. However, you can choose to participate to multiple workshops from different groups. These workshops will take between 2 and 4 hours.

Round tables will be accessible to all participants, with no additional registration required.

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